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Do you only teach music and dance?  
Not at all! Our curriculum includes the core educational areas: Reading/Phonics; Language Arts; Math; Science; Social Studies; and Technology. We use music as a means to facilitate faster learning and greater rentention. 

How does this help my child? Science has shown how music furthers brain development, which make children better learners. See our "Why Music" page to learn the exciting details!

Where do I park at your school? There is lots of street parking available. Also, the transit station across the street is available for weekend and evening performances. 

When can I see my child perform? Students do four performances each schoo year. One in December; one in February/March; and two in May. 

How do you measure my child's progress? Students are assessed three times during the school year.  These assessments are discussed during the two scheduled conferences, as well as any time a parent has questions or concerns. 

My older child has late start on Mondays, do you have before preschool care so I can get my older child to school?   We do offer before school care on Mondays, starting at 8:45. The cost is $5.00 a Monday. 

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